Chews Whats Best For Your Dog

  • Made From Scratch | 100% Authentic Yak Chew From Himalayas
  • Free From Any Chemical Preservatives, Additives & Dyes 
  • Highest Quality Raw Ingredients That Don't Stink Like Other Yak Chews
  • 100 % Money Back Guarantee If You Are Not Satisfied

Product Description

CRUNCHY CHEESE PUFFS are the best quick treats for dogs of all sizes. 

Why we created The Safe Dog Chew Company?

We already know dog owners study the ingredients of dog chews, as they should. As a dog owner, you want to know where a chew is sourced and what its ingredients are?

For example, are deer antlers safe for the dog, or will they break its teeth?

What about pigs' or lambs' ears? They sound gross and apparently too small so that the dog can choke on them.

Then there's nylon and rubber-made bones. The dog may chew it, but will he enjoy it? No. And is it safe? "they are safe to play but are not safe to eat"

Rawhide is another option. But where is it coming from, and is it already rotten?

Hence our love and passion for sourcing all-natural, free from chemical preservatives, artificial ingredients, and foreign additives. In fact, our CRUNCHY PUFFS have only two ingredients: Himalayan Yak milk and lime juice. This is what's behind our slogan:

Chews what's best for your dog.

  • Quick fun snacks with enriched cheese flavor
  • Each puff is about 1x1x1 cubic inches
  • Protein-rich and highly digestible 
  • No added sugar, salt, binding agents, or chemical preservatives
  • Sourced from the pristine Himalayan foothill
  • Reward your dogs with the crunchy puff for their good behavior!


Ingredients: Himalayan Yak milk and Lime juice.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (Min.)........................ 60%

Calories ...................................... 3.1/gram

Crude Fat (Min.)................................ 1%

Crude Fiber (Max.)............................ 0%

Moisture (Max.)............................... 15%


Feeding Information

Supervision is recommended when feeding any Safe Dog Chews to your dog. Provide enough fresh drinking water during consumption.

Our yak chews crunchy puffs are protein-rich, and If your furry is consuming it for the first time and is sensitive to protein-rich diets, please limit consumption to one or two puffs per day to avoid any potential stomach upset.  

10X Better Than Any Other Yak Chew In The Market

100% Natural And Authentic

Himalayan Yak Milk and Lime Juice. Safe and beneficial for all dogs. We make 100% authentic Himalayan cheese yak chew

Excellent For Dental Hygiene

No added dyes, acids, sugar, and salt. This helps remove plaque and tartar build-up and improves teeth and gum hygiene

No Added Chemicals

Free from chemical preservatives, additives, and dyes like BHT, BHA which are linked to causing cancer in dogs

I can't give these enough stars!!! - Leanne B.


This is the first and only chew treat that has stood up to our dog's aggressive chewing style outside of the femur bones she gets. She absolutely loves these!!! I love that they don't shred, peel or splinter. Unlike a bone, this keeps her occupied because the flavor doesn't disappear.

Health Benefits

Good source of calcium and essential amino acids. Supplemental chew for bones, joints, and muscle growth.

No Bad Smell And No Mess

Indoor friendly, No bad smell and no mess. The world’s longest-lasting nutritious edible chews.

Tunable Hardness

Safe for moderate to aggressive chewers. Our Yak Chews are naturally hard but get softer if soaked in water.

Chews What's Best For Your Dog

  • Long-lasting smoked dried cheese chew (5-6 oz per chew)
  • Initially hard and becomes soft as dogs chew on it and get soaked in saliva
  • Protein-rich and highly digestible
  • No added sugar, salt, binding agents, or chemical preservatives
  • Sourced from the pristine Himalayan foothill
  • Helps remove plaque and tartar build-up and improve teeth and gum hygiene

Trusted And Loved By Pet Parents

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Why Shop From The Safe Dog Chews Company

Made From Scratch With Love

We produce 100% natural yak chews from scratch. Relax, knowing that your dog is getting a nutritious snack made with love.

Family Owned Small Business

We are a family-owned small business committed to establishing direct trade relationships with community farmers.

The Experts Of Yak Chews

Our years of experience have helped us master the process of making yak chews. With our 8-step process, we make the best yak chew ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

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