About Us

We specialize in the Himalayan yak chews, the safest dog chew in the world, and supports the livelihood of community farmers in the remote Himalayas and their children's education. We are a family-owned business committed to establishing direct trade relationships with community farmers. We have transformed hundreds of community farmers into micro-entrepreneurs and helped them improve their livelihood, which is constantly growing! Thank you for your support in helping break the cycle of poverty in the remote Himalayas. 

We source other Safe Dog Chews including bully sticks from Argentina. Our bully sticks meet all the safe dog chews criteria and are 100% grass fed beef pizzle! 

Why we created The Safe Dog Chew Company?

We already know dog owners study the ingredients of dog chews, as they should. As a dog owner, you want to know where a chew is sourced and what its ingredients are?

For example, are deer antlers safe for the dog, or will they break its teeth?

What about pigs' or lambs' ears? They sound gross and apparently too small so that the dog can choke on them.

Then there's nylon and rubber-made bones. The dog may chew it, but will he enjoy it? No. And is it safe? "they are safe to play but are not safe to eat"

Rawhide is another option. But where is it coming from, and is it already rotten?

Hence our love and passion for sourcing all-natural, free from chemical preservatives, artificial ingredients, and foreign additives. In fact, our SAFEST DOG CHEWS meets the criteria what's behind our slogan:

Chews what's best for your dog.

  • All-natural, safe minimal ingredients
  • Free from chemical preservatives and binding agents
  • Free from added salt, sugar, acid, and other chemical additives
  • Dye-free
  • 100% edible and of different dimensions for dogs of various sizes
  • Free from plasticizer and phthalates
  • Minimally processed