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Here’s Why Flavored Yak Chews Are Every Dog Parent’s New Obsession!

Searching for the ultimate treat your dog will absolutely love? Look no further than our new Flavored Yak Chews

From keeping your furry friend happily occupied to promoting their dental health, our Flavored Yak Chews have become the go-to choice for dog owners seeking the best for their companions

Here are the top reasons why dog owners are going crazy for our Flavored Yak Chews.   

1. Keeps Them Busy: Endless Canine Delight

Much like our original Yak Chews, these flavored yak chews variants provide an irresistible taste and long-lasting entertainment, making them perfect for keeping your dog engaged.

Whether you need to hop on a video call, spend quality time with your loved ones, or simply enjoy a moment of peace, Yak Chews are your secret weapon for keeping your dog happily occupied.

2. Safety Comes First: A Chew That Lasts

Our Flavored Yak Chews maintain the same levels of durability and safety as our original line, posing no risk of splintering while providing a safe and enjoyable chewing experience for your dog

Say goodbye to the risks of injuries or internal blockages, and give your dog the safe and tasty chewing experience they deserve.   

3. Made with Natural Ingredients: A Healthy Indulgence

Each Flavored Yak Chew features the same core ingredients: Organic Himalayan Yak Milk and Lime Juice

Now enriched with natural flavors like Pumpkin, Strawberry, Turmeric, Mint, and Blueberry, each boasting unique health benefits.

4. Odorless and Mess-Free: A Tidy Chew Experience

Unlike other foul-smelling chew toys that clutter your home, our Flavored Yak Chews offer a pleasant experience for your dog and an odor-free environment for you. 

All of this while keeping your home clean and providing a more diversified range of flavors for your dog to enjoy

5. Promotes Dental Health: A Treat for Strong Teeth

While the added flavors offer a fun twist, the core dental benefits remain unchanged. The Yak Chews' firm texture continues to effectively remove plaque and tartar, thus contributing to your dog's overall dental health.  

Choose from our exciting range of flavors and make your dog's chew time not just fun but healthy as well!  

“This is the first and only chew treat that has stood up to our dog's aggressive chewing style outside of the femur bones she gets. She absolutely loves these!!! I love that they don't shred, peel or splinter. Unlike a bone, this keeps her occupied because the flavor doesn't disappear. "

‚ÄĒ Leanne B.

Chews What's Best For Your Dog!

"My Pugs have enjoyed Himalayan Flavored Yak Chews for years!. Both of my Pug Boys love Himalayan Yak chews, and they took these, made by The Safe Dog Chew Company without hesitation! 

They last a loooong time, are 100% natural, keep the boys busy, their teeth clean and are healthy chews. (I was impressed to see them individually bagged!) They are costlier than many other chews, but last significantly longer, so they're a good "investment"."


Verified Buyer

"She loves it and her breath smells like strawberries after she is done chewing.


Verified Buyer

Brown dog chewing on a bone while lying on a grey mat.

"Amazing! These really last!. Wow! My pittie pup loves these. It took her 3 sessions - 1 hr long each - to finish 1. In pittie chewing world that = forever! 

They seem tasty to her, and she's quite content to just chomp away. Single clean ingredient and no gastric issues so far. Definitely purchasing again!"


Verified Buyer

Give Himalayan Flavored Yak Chews a try and witness the transformation in your furry friend.

Not only will these chews keep your dog entertained for hours, but they will also contribute to their overall health and happiness.

Choose your favorite flavor among the options below.

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