Too much salt in your dogs favorite Yak Chews? We have authentic Himalayan low sodium yak chews!

Do you know how much milk is required to make one pound of yak chews?

 About 3.5 gallons

Also, milk naturally contains a lot of salt; that is about 120 mg of sodium per cup. If you do the math here, the milk that produces one pound of yak milk contains approximately 6300 mg of sodium, which is already too much. Every yak chew brand in the market has added salt to its ingredient list.

 Do you know why the company adds salt in yak chews?

It is not because ancient Himalayan people had salt in their recipe. It is because salt is antibacterial and can serve as a preservative for yak cheese.

Unlike other brands, our yak chews DO NOT contain added salt. In addition, we rinse off salt during the production process, EXACTLY, as in the authentic Himalayan recipe! Our chews only have about 60 mg sodium per pound yak chews, which is less than 1% of the naturally occurring salt in the milk. Your dog gets enough salt from everyday food and does not require it from yak chews!   

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